Sustainability & Conservation

Challenge: climate change crisis, rising sea levels, flooding

Since Steve took office in 2016, Climate Change has been a top priority for him and his team. Steve’s degree in environmental science prepared him to be able to tackle this important issue as Mayor immediately. Steve worked to create the first ever natural resources inventory, open space plan and then the Kingston 2030 Climate Action Plan which has guided the City’s decision-making process.

Steve understands that we must practice what we preach and so the City of Kingston has strived to be a model of sustainability and has been recognized by state and federal officials for our work. Kingston was the first city in New York State to be certified as a Silver Certified Climate Smart Community. Through this work, we have also saved thousands of taxpayer dollars while also being less reliant on fossil fuels.


Key Initiatives

  • Implementing a city-wide green fleet purchasing policy which has allowed us to purchase multiple electric vehicles for our city use
  • Solarizing facilities in the City’s parks
  • Committed $3.25 million to upgrade heating, cooling, and energy efficiency to the Andy Murphy Center and City Hall and divesting from fossil fuels.
  • Formed Kingston Community Energy to acquire low-cost renewable energy for Kingston’s buildings, advancing the City toward energy independence and resilience
  • Working to adopt a Community Preservation Plan, a roadmap for ensuring our most precious land – historically, culturally, and environmentally – is protected
  • Kingston 2030 Climate Action Plan
  • Organics Diversion Program (compositing)
  • Weaving the Waterfront Seal Level Rise work on the Rondout Creek