Infrastructure & Transportation

We envision the City of Kingston as a vibrant, bustling community.  Its safe and reliable transportation system moves and connects people to places, with a variety of motorized and non-motorized options working together to provide users with a seamless and stress-free experience.  

Steve has worked tirelessly to make Kingston a walkable, accessible community for all. That is the basis of his administration’s Kingston On The Move transportation strategy. This includes installing new sidewalks and creating complete streets on Hurley Avenue, Henry St. and Franklin St., rebuilding the Greenkill Avenue Bridge (early and under budget), and improving access to the Waterfront.


As co-founder of the Kingston Land Trust, Steve has been working for years to support the development of the Kingston Greenline- a special partnership initiative of the Kingston Land Trust, the City of Kingston, and Ulster County.  The Kingston Greenline Conceptual Plan was a study commissioned by the Kingston Land Trust with support from the City and the Land Trust Alliance in 2014. The study proposes a network of urban trails, complete streets, bike lanes, and linear parks in the City of Kingston.  This infrastructure will connect to a county network of rail trails and become a hub for non-motorized transportation and tourism from four different directions in the county. Click here to learn more about the projects along the Kingston Greenline.

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