Infrastructure and Transportation

Steve has worked tirelessly to make Kingston a walkable, bikeable, accessible community for all. That is the basis of his administration’s Kingston On The Move transportation strategy, which includes roadway and sidewalk repairs for improved pedestrian, bicyclist, and driver safety, enhancements to our waterfront, parking lot upgrades in Midtown, and expanded bus routes.

Since 2016, $64 million has been spent on improving Kingston’s transportation and infrastructure to keep our community strong enough to grow and healthy enough to thrive.

Key Initiatives


  • Over $1 million dollars in accessibility improvements are being performed this year, including 136 ADA-compliant corner ramps across the City.
  • The Complete Streets Program has been improving access and safety for pedestrians (including people who use wheelchairs and students walking to school), bicyclists, and drivers, as recently as last year on Franklin Street and occurring this year on Henry Street.
  • Reconstructed three public parking lots in Midtown for better accessibility, used green infrastructure practices to reduce storm runoff into our local waterways
  • Broadway Streetscape Project, a years-in-the-making project that came to fruition in 2022. This project improved pedestrian crossings, improved traffic flow, reduced traffic speed and created a dedicated cycle area. The project also used green infrastructure to beautify the area with over 70 trees, benches and bike racks.

Other infrastructure

  • Midtown sewer repair and replacement project, including repaving, to improve the quality of life for Midtown residents
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant: enormous project making vital environmental improvements, reduces gas emissions and electricity usage, and will improve plant operations, efficiency, and reliability
  • Riverfront Flooding Response Plan will protect City property, neighbors, and local businesses
  • Kingston Point Park Project (phase 2) will address persistent flooding to improve access and safety to the park’s amenities like the Dog Park, Softball Fields and youth BMX area.
  • Over 100 streets have been paved since 2016. In 2022 alone, the Department of Public Works laid nearly 16,000 tons of blacktop to repair 25 streets and about 9 miles of roads in the City