Inclusion & Equity

Since day one, Steve has worked to open up government to its residents. This included creating an application form for those looking to serve on boards and commissions. Prior to Steve taking office, there was no open process for this. Steve also strived to diversify hiring, working within the bounds of Civil Service Law, Steve has the most diverse management team ever in the City’s history while also making great strides in our Rank-and-File workforce to make sure that our City employees are reflective of the diversity that makes Kingston so special.

Steve also has taken equity to the next step through his work on infrastructure. For too long, projects were focused on wealthier areas of Kingston and much of the heart of our city was overlooked. Under Steve’s leadership, there has been a concerted effort to focus infrastructure dollars to Midtown Kingston.


Key Initiatives

  • Created the Municipal ID Program so that every Kingston resident can have an ID
  • Hired our first official Bi-Lingual Police Officer
  • Hired our first Spanish speaking Clerk position
  • Created our first Board and Commission Application Process
  • was launched to be able to include more Kingston residents into the key projects that we are working on in the City