Financial Management

Under Steve’s leadership, Kingston entered 2023 in the strongest financial position in the City’s history. For 7 years in a row, Steve has delivered a budget that

  • Lowers tax rates for both residential and commercial properties
  • Freezes or reduces the tax levy
  • Maintains a healthy fund balance
  • Includes contingency funding for emergencies and contract settlements
  • Preserves Kingston’s excellent credit rating

And he did it all while still maintaining and improving the City’s essential services, expanding quality of life initiatives, and preserving all filled, full-time positions.

When Steve became mayor in 2016, the City was managing just under $10 million in grants. Since then, it has received over $90 million in additional grant funding. Because of Steve’s successful grant writing, smart fiscal planning, and partnership with the Common Council, Kingston has been able to get more done than ever before in our city’s history.