Economic Development


Under Steve’s leadership, the City of Kingston is thriving. The basis of his economic development strategies is smart growth- with an emphasis on quality of life improvements, like building new sidewalks, fixing underground utilities, enhancing our public transportation, creating socially responsible and progressive policies, preserving our historic assets, protecting our natural resources, and making the city’s largest investment into quality housing in decades.

Downtown Revitalization Initiative

On September 20, 2017, Governor Cuomo traveled to the City of Kingston to announce that Kingston would be receiving $10 MILLION- the largest single grant award in the City’s history– as the winner of the State’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI). The DRI funds were awarded to Kingston in order to advance public and private investment in the Uptown Stockade District and, more broadly, to support the entire City of Kingston to grow responsibly and become a model community in equitable economic development in the Mid-Hudson Region.

Following a local planning process, Governor Cuomo returned to Kingston in July 2018 to announce that the City’s Strategic Investment Plan had been approved and that six of the City’s priority projects would receive funding under the DRI.



“Kingston was our state’s first capital and has the opportunity to be a future hub of economic energy and excitement for the region,” Governor Cuomo said. “These projects will transform the Stockade District into a vibrant neighborhood, boost the local economy and drive growth throughout the Hudson Valley.”





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