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Dear Friends,

Words cannot express how grateful I am to each of you who helped us win last night's Democratic primary. I am honored to be your Democratic candidate for Mayor of Kingston this coming November. I do not take lightly the trust each of you have placed in me and I am committed to continuing our grassroots campaign with respect, transparency and professionalism.

I am focused on the bright future Kingston has ahead, and I look forward to working with each of you along the way.



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Key Campaign Focus Areas

Infrastructure, Economic Development and Experiential Tourism

Create a city wide long term capital improvement plan and funding mechanisms to tackle our city's greatest challenge, it's aging infrastructure. Let's discuss inter-municipal partnerships for collaborations and efficiencies. Let's support true Intermodal transportation in Kingston that is both effective and efficient and available to all. Let's also realize that tourism is our key industry and support our for profit and non profits who are engaged in bringing people to this community. 

Increasing the Tax Base, Controlling Costs and supporting an Open Budget Process

In order to increase the tax base, we need to support our small businesses, help them expand through incentives, coordinated marking and policy in each business districts designed by and for business owners.

Planning for Today and Our Future, while protecting our Environment

Implementing the Kingston Comprehensive Plan should be a focus of the next administration. The plan should layout in broad strokes how to bring our community together and build smart over the next 10 years. The plan should focus on each of our neighborhoods, leveraging our natural and historic resources with our unique business districts through extensive public comment.  We also have to look closely at many of the recent plans passed that allow Kingston to see what it may have in-store ahead. Let's work on ways to share services, reduce energy use, and protect our infrastructure.

Reforming City Government

A proper government reflects it's constituents current concerns and so I believe a new, fresh look a the City Charter should be done. We should also create a culture of inclusiveness among city employees while demanding integrity. We also should recognize that the executive and legislative branches are separate but equal and should have the tools necessary to do their jobs.

An Active Citizenry and Celebrating our Diversity

Kingston residents should have unfettered access to City Government. No resident should be left feeling that didn't have access to information, was unaware of a major city project, or to not have a phone call returned. This can be done a variety of low cost ways and will dramatically improve government operations,  accountability and transparency. This will also allow the city to outreach to additional members of our community through a concerted effort to identify gaps in services for those not conventionally served well.

About Us

Steve was born and raised in Kingston, coming from a working class background, Steve has always lived his life with the guiding principles that with hard work, determination, honesty, respect and kindness you can do positive things for your community.

Steve has served the City of Kingston for 10 years and is now ready to take on a larger leadership role to guide the city for the next four years. Steve is married to his wife of 10 years, Julie, and has an energetic four year old son, Matthew.

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